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Retired from the job, but not the fight

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Pre-Retirement Course from CURC

The Congress of Union Retirees of Canada conducts pre-retirement courses in a number of centres for small groups of about 20 people who want to learn more about retirement. This course is based on group discussion lead by people who are retired. It is not an expert model, where people may want to sell you their services. Rather, it is a chance to look the issues that you should consider. Spouses and partners are also eligible to attend as retirement plans should involve both persons.

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The Retirees Chapter Executive and many members of the Chapter attended the STOP HUDAK meeting at the Hilton Hotel this past Thursday. The message that was passed on to the attendees was a dire one. We discussed at great length the plans Tim Hudak has for Ontario and for Ontario's Labour. We were informed of his union busting agenda and the horrible steps he will take to destroy workers rights and crush the working class of Ontario.

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STOP HUDAK! Campaign Rolls into London

A province-wide campaign launched last month against Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak rolled into London with an urgent all-union meeting on Thursday night. Calling Hudak’s claim that he has shelved his anti-worker scheme a dishonest tactical maneuver, Ontario’s labour movement is forging ahead with plans to travel the province and expose Hudak’s hidden agenda.

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STOP HUDAK! Conference

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Campaign to stop Tim Hudak comes to London with Thursday’s urgent all union meeting

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Health Coalition Launches Giant Cross-Ontario Referendum to Save Our Local Public Hospitals

In the Coalition’s biggest campaign ever, more than a thousand volunteers will be going door-to-door starting today to ask Ontarians to vote in volunteer-led referendum to save our local public hospitals.

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Huge Turnout in Toronto Campaign to Stop Tim Hudak Attack on Workers! Sudbury & London Next!

Check event video and get involved with your local labour council in this urgent, all unions, all locals campaign. Workers cannot afford Hudak’s agenda of lower wages, gutted pensions, unsafe workplaces and wrecked futures . Even union members who usually vote Conservative are saying: “Not this time!”

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Defeat Conservative Anti-Worker Laws

A province-wide campaign launched last week against Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak will be rolling into London with an urgent all-union meeting on Thursday, March 20th. Calling Hudak’s claim that he has shelved his anti-worker scheme a dishonest tactical maneuver, Ontario’s labour movement is forging ahead with plans to travel the province and expose Hudak’s hidden agenda.

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Danger of Inappropriately Stored 9 Volt Batteries

A video has been lighting up social media, warning of improperly stored 9-volt batteries sparking devastating house fires.

The clip, first posted on the website kidsandcharacter.com, recounts how a battery fire destroyed the home of Fort Collins, CO, resident Dave Miller. It begins with the dramatic audio recording of Miller's call to 911.

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The Agenda with Steve Paikin: Reinventing Unions

From Right-to-Work proposals to Back-to-Work legislation and shrinking workforces in manufacturing, unions are under pressure to adapt to a new Ontario labour landscape. How does the union movement reshape itself for the 21st century and win the support of young workers and new Canadians?

This episode of The Agenda with Steve Paikin features Jenny Ahn, Affirmative Action Vice-President (Unifor), Glenn Wheeler, Canadian Office & Professional Employees Union, Kelly McPharland from The National Post nad Yasir Nagvi Liberal MPP, Ottawa Centre.

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Reinventing Unions Video

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Bill C-525: The NDP Wins Major Concessions

In a critical battle, the NDP has successfully driven back the Conservatives. Under heavy pressure from the NDP and facing unanimous expert testimony, the government agreed to change the voting rules for union accreditation set out in Bill C-525.

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NDP's Gates Wins Falls Race

Wayne Gates is Niagara Falls’ next MPP.
For the first time in 19 years, the provincial riding has gone orange.
The riding, which also includes Fort Erie and Niagara-on-the-Lake, chose the Niagara Falls city councillor to represent them at Queen’s Park.

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Act now to Save Canada Post!

On December 11, 2013, Canada Post announced drastic cutbacks to our public postal service.

The Conservative government supports Canada Post's plan to eliminate all door-to-door mail delivery and dramatically increase stamp prices. This is just the latest attack on your public postal service.

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Stand Up For Workers' Rights Against Bill C-525

Conservative Members of Parliament want to make it harder for people to form a union at work. They're trying to rush Bill C-525 through the House of Commons as fast as possible. The Committee studying the Bill is allowing only one day of witnesses. PSAC asks what's the big rush?

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Black History Month

Each February, Canadians take time to recognize, celebrate, remember and reflect on Black History Month. It is important to recognize and acknowledge the pivotal role our black forefathers played in the making of Canada, and, in particular, of London, Ontario.

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Unity Project Presentation

Jenny Butchart & Rebecca Waugh from "The Unity Project" gave the membership an excellent presentation.

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