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Health Care Rally

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More than 3,000 people, including dozens of Londoners, have rallied in front of Queen’s Park to protest proposed changes to the province’s health care system. The demonstration, which began at noon on Friday, is in response to concerns the province is looking at contracting hospital services out to private clinics. .

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One of our Members was the Recipient of the Agnes McPhail Award at the Ontario NDP Convention

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Pre-Retirement Course from CURC

The Congress of Union Retirees of Canada conducts pre-retirement courses in a number of centres for small groups of about 20 people who want to learn more about retirement.

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Congratulations Caspar & Susie!

This month congratulations go out to Caspar & Susie Vanderhelm celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary.

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Happy Birthday UNIFOR !!

In one year, UNIFOR has established itself as a force to be reckoned with and a dynamic presence in defending workers' rights and seeking equality for all Canadians.

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Irene Mathyssen Re-Election Fund Raising Dinner

Join Irene Mathyssen at Saffron`s for a Elegant four course dinner and help support her in her re-election campaign.

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Western Fair Info Booth

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The retiree’s executive coordinated with the CURC executive to set up a yearly information booth in the Western Fair Progress building. It was well received and it was wet, London was half drowned that day with torrential downpours!

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This Labour Day, Ontario is Benefiting from the "Union Advantage

A year from today, Canada could be in the throes of a federal election. Stephen Harper’s Conservatives have already started laying the groundwork for their re-election campaign, and two important themes are emerging: jobs and the economy.

A key battleground will be Ontario. Our province is vital to Harper’s re-election plans, because it sent plenty of Conservative MPs to Ottawa last time around – enough to give Harper a majority government, despite the fact that the Conservatives flopped completely in Quebec.

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Inside the Labour Campaign That Stopped Hudak

In all of the coverage of the Ontario election and the new Wynne government, the media has completely overlooked one of the most important stories of them all.

What people don't realize is that the labour movement came together in an unprecedented way to defeat Progressive Conservative party leader Tim Hudak, and kept the U.S. anti-union movement out of Canada.

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Finding Balance - Fall Prevention

Falls prevention isn’t just about stopping falls before they happen. It’s about continuing to enjoy life’s simple moments; it’s about playing with our grandchildren and keeping up with old friends. Most of all, falls prevention is about keeping our independence.
Falls can result in injuries that limit your ability to move and to remain active and independent. Research tells us that 4 of every 10 nursing home admissions are the result of falling.

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Tim Hudak Tea Party Rally in His Own Constituency

Hundreds of retirees, students and young workers hold tea party at PC leader Tim Hudak's office, call for vote against PCs

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Tim Hudak Tea Party Rally

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More than 400 retirees, students and young workers held a tea party in protest against PC leader Tim Hudak's platform, which rally participants are saying would amount to deep cuts in health care, public services and jobs. A table with two place settings was set up in front of Tim Hudak's Beamsville constituency office – one for Tim Hudak and the other for those whose concerns are being most ignored – youth and seniors.

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June 4th Retirees Meeting

Our Final Meeting Before Summer Hiatus

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June 4th Retirees Meeting

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On June 4th the Unifor Local 27 Retirees Chapter had one of it's busiest meetings ever featuring 6 guest speakers. The speakers included Katha Fortier, Ontario Unifor Director, Brieanna Angel from Middlesex London E.M.S. and Barb Dolan from the National Unifor Women’s Committee.

We had also arranged for Ontario NDP candidates Teresa Armstrong - London-Fanshawe, Judy Bryant - London-North-Centre and Peggy Sattler - London West to attend the meeting for a question and answer session.

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The retirees chapter executive believes! STOP HUDAK !!

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