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Is Harper the worst prime minister in history?

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“I think Harper… can be vindictive, certainly not always grateful for what people have done for him in the past… So you can say he’s ruthless, which is probably true… Maybe that’s a personal failing.”
– Tom Flanagan, former Harper adviser, campaign manager and University of Calgary political scientist

“Brian Mulroney was an appalling prime minister, appalling. But if I had to pick one prime minister over the other [between Harper and Mulroney], I would pick Mulroney.”
– Stevie Cameron, author of On the Take, the 1994 bestseller about corruption during the Mulroney years.

Bruce Livesey
The National Observer

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OFL Calls NDP Prescription Drug Plan the ‘Missing Piece’ in Canadian Medicare


(TORONTO, ON) ─ The Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL) applauded NDP Leader Thomas Muclair’s pledge to establish a universal prescription drug plan across Canada.

“Nine years of Conservative cuts to health care and public services have been a tough pill for Canadians to swallow. Mulcair’s New Democratic Party is challenging all of us to reject Harper’s cynicism and Trudeau’s inexperience to begin imagining a better Canada for all of us,” OFL President Sid Ryan. “By announcing a universal pharmacare plan, Thomas Mulcair is promising the missing piece to Canada’s medicare system. This is yet another reason why Ontario workers are putting their support behind Canada’s NDP.”

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Tom Mulcair Interview with Peter Mansbridge


NDP Leader Tom Mulcair says his first acts as prime minister would include pulling the Canadian Forces out of Iraq and Syria, bringing in 10,000 Syrian refugees and reducing taxes for small and medium-sized businesses.

Mulcair, whose party is currently leading in the polls, sat down with CBC chief correspondent Peter Mansbridge for the third in a series of four interviews with the national party leaders.

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Margaret Atwood: The geezer vote

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"If you were born between 1915 and 1935 you can remember the Depression and the Second World War, and you are likely to take a dim view of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s mistreatment of vets — any vets. He loves monuments to dead soldiers, he’s just not keen on soldiers who have inconveniently remained alive." - Margret Attwood

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2015 Port Elgin Labour Day Parade

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The Grey Bruce Labour Council and the Canadian Auto Workers held their annual Labour Day parade in Port Elgin on Monday September 7th.

It's turned into a Labour Day tradition, There was classic cars, three pipe bands and up to 1500 people walking in it.

It kicks off the UNIFOR retirees conference at the UNIFOR centre (formerly the CAW Centre) which takes place during the week.

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Harper leaves future generations behind


Every generation of parents, from Canada’s First Peoples through each wave of immigration since, have trusted that hard work would deliver a brighter future and improved fortunes for their children and their grandchildren.

However, despite record levels of education, today’s youth will become the first generation in history to expect a lower standard of living than their parents.

Those who are fed up with corruption in Ottawa, blanket support for corporate Canada and an inexcusable indifference to inequality are seeing the NDP as the better choice.

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Canada’s Largest Provincial Labour Federation Endorses Thomas Mulcair’s NDP


The Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL) today declared its full support for the federal NDP to form the next government of Canada. In advance of Labour Day Weekend, OFL President Sid Ryan called on Ontario’s 54 labour unions and over one million unionized workers to volunteer their time for NDP candidates in every riding across Ontario.

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Harperman -- the video they don't want you to see

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Environment Canada scientist Tony Turner wrote a political protest song about Stephen Harper – and now he’s been put on leave and is being investigated by the government!

They want to silence free speech and stop the song, “Harperman”, from reaching a bigger audience…but it’s about to backfire big time. Because if all Avaaz members watch the video on the following page, it will be seen by 3% of Canada – if we all share it with just one other person, 6% of Canada, and so on.

Let’s make this viral and timely video a political nightmare for a government trying to silence critics. Help make this huge by signing the petition demanding Tony be reinstated immediately – then help "Harperman" take-off across the country by sharing on Facebook, and everywhere else.

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Use Of EI Funds By Tories To Help Balance Budget Draws Criticism


The federal government is using $1.8 billion in surplus EI funds to help balance its books, drawing criticism from opposition parties and labour groups who say the money belongs in taxpayers’ pockets.

Finance Minister Joe Oliver delivered Tuesday the Tories’ long-promised balanced budget ahead of this year’s federal election — though it was one that eked out a very small surplus of $1.4 billion.

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Harper Shows Contempt for Workers by Passing Anti-Union law

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By railroading Bill C-377 into law, the Conservative government has laid another brick in their wall of contempt. Contempt for workers and their means of acting in solidarity: unions.

Contempt has marked the history of the bill since it was first introduced in 2012. Though it is claimed to make unions more transparent, Bill C-377 is actually a carbon copy of an anti-union salvo fired off by George W. Bush's Republicans in 2003. American workers continue to pay the price.

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Document raises questions about Harper retirement policies

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Finance Canada review of Canada's retirement system says Canada scores poorly among OECD countries

Canada scores poorly among developed countries in providing public pensions to seniors, according to an internal analysis of retirement income by the federal government.

And voluntary tax-free savings accounts or TFSAs, introduced by the Harper Conservatives in 2009, are so far unproven as a retirement solution and are largely geared to the wealthy.

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Friends of Canadian Broadcasting Launch Anti-Harper Ad


Update: On February 25, 2015, Friends of Canadian Broadcasting issued a news release saying all major Canadian TV networks and station owners—Bell, Corus, Québécor, Rogers, and Shaw—would not run Friends of Canadian Broadcasting TV ads that poked fun at Stephen Harper's "hostile agenda" for the CBC.

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5 Facts About the NDP’s $15 Minimum Wage Strategy

Ndp 15minimumwage

“The NDP’s $15 federal minimum wage strategy is exactly what working families in Canada need. Tom Mulcair and the federal New Democratic Party are on the mark with their minimum wage strategy. A rising tide lifts all boats, and one way to reverse the trend of growing income inequality is a livable wage – a minimum wage policy indexed to inflation.

The NDP’s $15 minimum wage plan – sets a high water mark that provinces and territorial governments should aspire to reach.”

– Sid Ryan, President of the Ontario Federation of Labour

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New report shows Harper government's economic record to be the worst in Canada's post-war history

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TORONTO, July 30, 2015 /CNW/ - With Canada possibly slipping into another recession, a new comprehensive review of the economic record of Stephen Harper's Conservative government paints a damning portrait of nearly a decade of economic failure.

"Canada's economy has never performed worse, since the end of World War II, than under the present Conservative government. The Harper government ranks last among the nine post-ward governments, and by a wide margin – falling well behind the second worst government, which was the Mulroney government of 1984-93."

Make sure to watch the video where In just three minutes, economist Jim Stanford destroys the myth that Stephen Harper has been a good steward of our economy. He provides ample evidence to prove that Harper has the worst economic performance of any Prime Minister since World War II.

Jim Stanford's Video Report

Full Report in PDF form

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2015 Area Council Retirees’ Picnic

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A good time was had by all, there was good food, good companionship and a day that cleared up into a beauty!

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