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Finding Balance

Posted on January 11, 2015

Falls are the leading cause of serious injuries in older adults and every year one in three seniors will fall. Falls have a significant impact on individuals, their families and the health care system. The prevalence of falls among Ontario’s seniors has prompted the development of a major province-wide awareness program by a coalition of health care professionals in the Southwest region. The Finding Balance Ontario campaign is now launching a new look. This new look can be seen on the website www.findingbalanceontario.ca.

The Finding Balance campaign started in Alberta where it was originally developed at the University of Alberta’s School of Public Health, but has been adapted for use in Ontario. Finding Balance Ontario is guided by an Advisory Committee of health care professionals from all over Southwestern Ontario.

Finding Balance is aimed at helping seniors stay active and independent.The new website and corresponding material share the message - Anyone can fall, prevent it from happening to you! Stay tuned for more information about this exciting campaign!