Unifor Local 27 Retirees Chapter

Retired from the job, but not the fight

GM Diesel Memories

April 9, 2018

This Collection will be an ongoing series of photos and memorabilia supplied by General Motors Diesel Division Retirees. The photos are sorted and named according to the name of the members who supplied the material.

Check back from time to time for new photos.

Harry greig   01Harry greig   02Harry greig   03Harry greig   04Harry greig   05Harry greig   06Harry greig   07Harry greig   08Harry greig   09Harry greig   10Harry greig   11Harry greig   12Harry greig   13Harry greig   14Harry greig   15Harry greig   16Harry greig   17Harry greig   18Harry greig   19Harry greig   20Harry greig   21Harry greig   22Harry greig   23Harry greig   24Jagdev bal   dieselines page 1Jagdev bal   lines of defense volume 1  issue 9 page 1Jagdev bal   01Jagdev bal   lines of defense volume 1  issue 9 page 2Jim henderson   01Jim henderson   02Jim henderson   03Jim henderson   04Jim henderson   05Jim henderson   06Jim henderson   07Jim mcdonald   01Jim mcdonald   02Jim mcdonald   03Jim mcdonald   04Jim mcdonald   05Jim mcdonald   06Jim mcdonald   07Jim mcdonald   08Jim mcdonald   09Jim mcdonald   10Jim mcdonald   11Jim mcdonald   12Jim mcdonald   13Jim mcdonald   14Jim mcdonald   15Jim mcdonald   16Jim mcdonald   17Jim mcdonald   18Jim mcdonald   19Jim mcdonald   20Jim mcdonald   21Jim mcdonald   22Jim mcdonald   23Jim mcdonald   24Jim mcdonald   25Jim mcdonald   26Jim mcdonald   27Jim mcdonald   28Jim mcdonald   29Jim mcdonald   30Jim mcdonald   31Jim mcdonald   32Jim mcdonald   33Jim mcdonald   34Jim mcdonald   35Jim mcdonald   36Jim mcdonald   37Monty fielding   01Monty fielding   02Monty fielding   03Monty fielding   04Monty fielding   05Monty fielding   06Monty fielding   07Monty fielding   08Monty fielding   09Monty fielding   10Monty fielding   11Monty fielding   12Monty fielding   5000th unit rolloutNeville williams   01Neville williams   02Peter capurso   01Peter capurso   02Peter capurso   03Peter capurso   04Peter capurso   05Peter capurso   06Peter capurso   07Peter capurso   08Peter capurso   09Peter capurso   10Peter capurso   11Peter capurso   12Peter capurso   13Peter capurso   14Peter capurso   15Peter capurso   16Peter capurso   17Peter capurso   18Peter capurso   19Peter capurso   20Peter capurso   21Peter capurso   22Peter capurso   diesel division book 1 page 1Peter capurso   diesel division book 1 page 2Peter capurso   diesel division book 1 page 3Peter capurso   diesel division book 1 page 4Peter capurso   diesel division book 1 page 5Peter capurso   diesel division book 2 page 01Peter capurso   diesel division book 2 page 02Peter capurso   diesel division book 2 page 03Peter capurso   diesel division book 2 page 04Peter capurso   diesel division book 2 page 05Peter capurso   diesel division book 2 page 06Peter capurso   diesel division book 2 page 07Peter capurso   diesel division book 2 page 08Peter capurso   diesel division book 2 page 09Peter capurso   diesel division book 2 page 10Rick eagar   01Rick eagar   02Rick eagar   03Rick eagar   04Rick eagar   05Rick eagar   06Rick eagar   07Rick eagar   08Rick eagar   09Rick eagar   10Rick eagar   11Rick eagar   12Rick eagar   13Rick eagar   517 gangRick eagar   500th unit rolloutRick eagar   d506 gangRick eagar   john's retirementRick eagar   toms escapeRick eagar   toronto collective bargaining 1st day aug. 20  2012Rick eagar   willie spence retiresStan mallia   01Stan mallia   02Stan mallia   03Stan mallia   04Stan mallia   05Stan mallia   06Stan mallia   07Stan mallia   08Stan mallia   09Stan mallia   10Stan mallia   11Stan mallia   12Stan mallia   13Stan mallia   14Stan mallia   15Stan mallia   16Stan mallia   17Stan mallia   18Stan mallia   19E 4 streamliners arrive in london from chicago in 1945Scan001Scan002Scan003Scan004Scan005Monty fielding   013Monty fielding   014Monty fielding   015Monty fielding   016Monty fielding   017Monty fielding   018Monty fielding   019Monty fielding   020Monty fielding   021Monty fielding   022Monty fielding   023Monty fielding   024Monty fielding   025Monty fielding   026Monty fielding   027Monty fielding   028Monty fielding   029Monty fielding   030Monty fielding   031Monty fielding   032Monty fielding   033Monty fielding   034Monty fielding   035Monty fielding   036Monty fielding   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