Unifor Local 27 Retirees Chapter

Retired from the job, but not the fight

2019 Unifor Area Council Retirees’ Picnic

June 13, 2019

A wonderful time was had by all at the 2019 Unifor Area Council Retirees’ Picnic.

The weather was perfect, the food delicious (and abundant) and the companionship was warm and friendly!

Our thanks to Brian Ginty, Local 88, for sharing his photos from the day with us.

Anyone wishing to download copies of these photos in full resolution may do so by clicking on this link

2019 picnic 2Img 3615Img 3616Img 3617Img 3618Img 3619Img 3621Img 3622Img 3623Img 3624Img 3625Img 3626Img 3627Img 3629Img 3628Img 3632Img 3634Img 3637Img 3635Img 3655Img 3656Img 0391Img 0387Img 0388Img 0389Img 0390Img 0392Img 0393Img 0394Img 0395Img 0396Img 0401Img 0400Img 0397Img 0398Img 0399Img 0406Img 0402Img 0403Img 0404Img 0405Img 0411Img 0407Img 0408Img 0409Img 0410Img 0413Img 0412Img 0414Img 0415Img 0416Img 0418Img 0417Img 0419Img 0420Img 0421Img 0422Img 0423Img 0424Img 0425Img 0426Img 0427Img 0431Img 0428Img 0429Img 0430Img 0432Img 0433Img 0434Img 0442Img 0446Img 0444Img 0445Img 0447Img 0448Img 0449