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Update on Christmas Luncheon and Meetings

Posted on December 02, 2022

Update on Christmas Luncheon and Meetings


Greetings once again to the membership:


December Meeting / Christmas Luncheon:

At the urging of the Local 27 executive, the retirees executive has decided that, given the ever-worsening Covid 19 surge, the Christmas Luncheon must be canceled.

This particular strain of Covid 19 is proving to be VERY virulent and is spreading like wildfire across the country. Many people have become infected with seemingly little exposure showing just how infectious this newest strain is!

This was not an easy decision for the executive; we know how much the membership looked forward to this event as we did too. But wisdom must prevail- we have too many members whose advanced age and, in many cases, health concerns put them at elevated risk of very serious Covid complications.

The local Board of Health has stressed the importance of reducing the number of people admitted to our hospitals in order to ease the strain on staff and facilities. It would be irresponsible to risk further burdens on our health system at a time when so many children need hospitalization for flu and other respiratory viruses. Members must also realize that the Local 27 executive has a responsibility to maintain a safe environment for everyone using the building, including staff and visitors on union business.

The executive has also decided that, again due to the increasing danger of this particularly nasty strain of Covid, we must put all future meetings on hold for now.

We had already, with the support of the membership, voted to cancel the January meeting. We are now informing the membership that the February meeting should be considered canceled as well.

Hopefully the situation with Covid will turn around in the new year and we will be able to restart our meetings. The retirees’ executive will continue communicating with the Local 27 executive to determine when we can safely meet again.

We will continue sending out updates to the membership into the new year, we will also be posting updates to our website at www.local27retirees.ca

An email has been sent to the members who purchased tickets for the Christmas Luncheon to discuss their options.

Your executive wishes all members a safe and happy Holiday Season.



Hope to see you all in the new year!

Till then, stay safe


Your Executive