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The Secret Moves to Increase Private Health Care

Posted on January 11, 2019

Doug Ford's attack on public healthcare has begun.

The Toronto Star just reported that a secret group made up Ford's Conservatives and big corporation are preparing a major campaign to lay the groundwork for American-style, for-profit healthcare in Ontario.

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"Secretly, though, a major multi-faceted campaign is underway inside and outside the premier’s office to develop a two-tier system of health care in Ontario, complete with specialized private clinics and the ability of some doctors to charge more than standard rates for medical procedures they perform outside of a public hospital or health centre.

The campaign is filled with closed-door meetings at such places as the Albany Club, a long-time Conservative bastion in downtown Toronto, and is funded by some of Canada’s largest corporations."

This isn't limited to just Ontario. The story says major financial interests in Toronto are supporting a BC court challenge that could overturn public healthcare.

It appears to be part of a Canada-wide effort to make you pay for private American-style health care so insurance companies and private corporations can profit off your health. Ford already slashed universal drug coverage for children - you can bet he'll do the same to our healthcare system.

Your health shouldn't be determined by your paycheque. Importing America's broken for-profit healthcare system to Canada would be a nightmare for you and your family.

Just look at the United States. Millions of Americans are saddled with health care debt or are driven to bankruptcy. Many have to choose between life-saving treatment and putting food on their family's table.

The battle for public, affordable healthcare could define 2019. Private insurers and big businesses across Canada sense an opportunity. Rightwing groups have been pushing two-tier healthcare for years, and with Ford they think they can finally destroy our public system.


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