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Stand Up For Workers' Rights Against Bill C-525

Posted on January 11, 2015

Conservative Members of Parliament want to make it harder for people to form a union at work. They're trying to rush Bill C-525 through the House of Commons as fast as possible. The Committee studying the Bill is allowing only one day of witnesses. PSAC asks what's the big rush?

What the Conservatives want to keep quiet is that this Bill is profoundly undemocratic.

Under current federal labour laws in both the public and private sectors, if a majority of employees sign a union card, the union is certified. If there is less than a majority, a vote is held. Right now, the majority rules - a majority of those who cast a vote. But that won't be the case if Bill C-525 becomes law.

Under Bill C-525, whenever a vote is taken, employees who don't vote will be counted. They will automatically be counted as having voted against the union - even though they never voted.

If you consider some possible scenarios you will see how the bill would make union certification near impossible!
Consider a workplace of 100 people, 49 show up for a certification vote, all 49 vote yes, the no vote wins because the 51 who never showed up are all considered no votes!
Consider the same workplace of 100, the owner knows a certification vote is happening on Sunday, he offers overtime to his workers that same day, all the workers who accept the work and miss the vote are considered no votes, the yes side loses again.

You can help by sending an email to the Members of Parliament sitting on the committee that's examining in the Bill. PSAC President Robyn Benson and REVP forQuebec Magali Picard are appearing before the committee on Tuesday. But they need your help. The Conservatives are trying to rush thisBill through as quickly as possible. Act now!

Please consider going to the following site to voice your concerns and send a letter to the Members of Parliament.

Stand up for workers’ rights against Bill C-525