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Save Canada Post

Posted on January 11, 2015

On December 11, 2013, Canada Post announced drastic cutbacks to our public postal service.

The Conservative government supports Canada Post's plan to eliminate all door-to-door mail delivery and dramatically increase stamp prices. This is just the latest attack on your public postal service.

Compare this to other post offices around the world, which are facing their challenges through innovative services, such as postal banking.

Meanwhile, the Federal Government hatchet-man, Deepak Chopra has been spreading Orwellian style mis-information about the numbers of people actually receiving home delivery, about the wishes of seniors for "more exercise" and about the “robust” consultations with Canadians about the future of the post office in the digital age.

The purer truth is, the changes include an end to home delivery of letters, a 35-per-cent hike in the price of stamps, the elimination of up to 8,000 jobs and likely a huge increase in injuries to the elderly and invalid from trying to climb snowbanks to fetch the mail.

NDP MP Paul Dewar disputed the notion that the post office consulted widely with Canadians before announcing the changes. “Sir, most Canadians had no clue. No one knew you were doing this in a robust way,” he said as he quizzed Mr. Chopra.

There are several options to make your opinion known:

Go to the C.U.P.W Site and follow the instruction To email, or print and mail a message to your MP, Print and Display a Window Sign or go to their site to learn more.
C.U.P.W. Site

This is a link to a Change.org petition to save Canada Post home delivery

Online Petition