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Points to Consider Regarding the Upcoming Provincial Election

Posted on March 16, 2022

Points to Consider Regarding

the Upcoming Provincial Election


We need to have the political will to support parties and groups that will support appropriate housing, food security and wrap-around mental and physical health services in our communities so all citizens may flourish and be the best they can be.

We need changes in legislation to protect (from unscrupulous employers) those that offer their skills and demonstrate their care for families, such as essential workers, teachers, breakfast and other meal-service program providers; these every day people show care of neighbours throughout our communities and are adept at identifying needs as they arise. 

We need a review of “Co-op Housing” and “Not-For-Profit Housing” programs. These two types of housing must be built with a “physical design” that meets the needs of a mix of seniors and families.

Three points that should be included in planning these types of housing:

1) costs of housing should be a charge of only 30% of a resident’s income; this is called “quality of life assistance”.

2) there has to be sufficient funding of existing programs that provide care that meets residents’ needs that can keep them living in residences they can afford. 

3) there have to be new programs or an expansion of presently existing programs of community care and health tests in their residences as necessary.

Prepared on March 11, 2022

Robert [Bob] Sexsmith